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Facial Treatments


Full Cleansing Facial                                        £85.00

Intense Mask Facial                                         £110.00

Revitalising Face Mask                                    £90.00

Facial with R/F:                                                £90.00

Combination R/F + Collagen Facial            £150.00

Oxygen Facial                                                  £129.00






Facial Aesthetics


Toxins from                                                    £180/area

Dermal Fillers from                       £380/1ml injection

Facial PDO Thread Lift                      from £500.00

Facial Vein Sclerotherapy                  from £300.00

Plasma Rich in Platelet (Vampire)Facial  £450.00          

Rhinoplasty – Nasal Profiling           from £499.00


Microneedling                                                         £250


IPL Treatments / Nd:YAG Laser

(Prior consultation required for evaluation)

(Patch Test may be offered)


Hair Reduction                                               from £99.00

Pigmentation Reduction                                from 89.00

Acne Reduction                                               from 99.00

Thread Vein Reduction                               from £149.00

Skin Lightening                                             from £149.00

Facial Rejuvenation                                      from £199.00

Tattoo Reduction                                         from £125.00

Stretch Mark/Scar Reduction                   from £149.00

Toe Nail Fungus Reduction               from £199.00/foot




Wellbeing & Weight Loss


(Tried & Tested)

(Prior Consultation and Evaluation)


Please ASK for Price/session or  Multiple sessions with Lipo-Lax (optional)


                                                  From £150.00


Treatments may include:

Mesotherapy (Invasive/Non Invasive)

Pressotherapy with Hot Blanket

Cavitation upto 40KG


Post Delivery - Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage


                                                                     from £99.00

Ultrasound RF Cavitation                              £249.00



Targeted Cellulite Reduction                from £199.00


Hair Recovery / Regrowth

(Prior Consultation and Evaluation needed)


(Patch Test may be offered - £99.00)


Plasma + Stem Cell Regeneration Cocktail


From £299.00 ( 2 x 1ml Infusion injections)


Micro-Current and Electro-Cauterisation


Mole Removal

Milia Removal

Skin Tag Removal

                                                                  From £199.00


Wart/Verruga Removal                         from £299.00

Body Aesthetics

(Prior Consultation and Evaluation needed)



                                                               From £99.00


Lips–Brow–Cheek Augmentation

                                                              from £399.00

Breast-Buttock Augmentation

                                                              from £699.00

Body PDO Thread Lift from


LED Therapy

From £599/ session



Sclerotherapy from £500.00/2ml ampoule


Other treatments also offered. Please do not hesitate to ask.


Free blood pressure check.


Free consultation


Terms & Conditions apply

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